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MIFA 2016 Pitch Selections Unveiled

Selections at European marketplace and pitching forum running alongside the Annecy International Animated Film Festival include 35 standout feature film, short film, TV series and specials, and transmedia projects from 412 overall submissions.

Pitch selections have been unveiled for MIFA 2016, the European marketplace and pitching forum running June 15 & 16 alongside the Annecy International Animated Film Festival (June 13-18).

Each year, the MIFA Pitches showcase the best in original animation projects in their first phase of development in four categories: feature films, short films, TV series and specials, and transmedia. In 2015, an additional category, Animation du Monde, was created, targeting projects from countries where animation is emerging and providing a unique way to discover a different creativity and awareness.

This year’s selections include 35 promising and original projects that stood out from the 412 overall submissions:

Feature Films

  • Tito e os passaros (Brazil) Directors: Gustavo Steinberg, Gabriel Bitar
  • Super Vinamotor (France) Directors: Francois Leroy, Stephanie Lansaque
  • Memorias de un hombre en pijama (Spain) Directors: Carlos Fernandez, Paco Roca
  • Solo Lobo (Hungary) Director: Zoltan Miklosy
  • Nimuendaju (Brazil) Director: Tania Anaya

Short Films

  • La Soupe aux singes (France) Director: Alix Fizet
  • Traces (France) Directors: Hugo Frassetto, Sophie Tavert
  • Entre sombras (Portugal) Directors: Monica Fernandes Dos Santos, Alice Guimaraes
  • Le Nouveau (France) Director: Eric Montchaud
  • Trona Pinnacles (France) Director: Mathilde Parquet
  • La Lampadaire (Bulgaria/France) Director: Emma Vakarelova
  • Vieille peau (France) Director: Julie Rembauville
  • Carpelle (France/Hungary) Directors: Sarolta Szabo, Tibor Banoczki

TV Series and Specials

  • Plantheon (France) Director: Thomas Pons
  • diario de Alice (Brazil) Director: Diogo Viegas
  • Mille et un Moyen Age (France) Directors: Paul Bourgois, Jeremy Boulard
  • Little Idle Hands (U.K.) Director: Felix Massie
  • Flee (Denmark) Director: Jonas Poher-Rasmussen
  • Urikito 3024 (France) Director: Melanie Duval
  • The Jan & Rai Show (Australia) Director: Lluis Sanchez Jorge


  • Chez Simone (France) Director: Alwa Deluze
  • Elemented (Canada) Director: Emily Paige
  • Gagarine: Cosmic Trip (France) Director: Daniel Khamdamov
  • Before You Wake – Discover Tesla’s Secret Invention (Croatia/Serbia) Director: Branislav Brkich
  • Astrononeko (France) Directors: Axel Rousseau, Clement De Ruyter
  • Nothing Happens (Denmark) Director: Uri Kranot

Animation du Monde

  • Nuna: La Agonia del Wamani (Peru) Director: Jimmy Carhuas
  • Step into the River (China) Director: Weijia Ma
  • Dog Days (Georgia) Director: Vakhtang Tato Kotetishvili
  • A Crow (Georgia) Director: Sandro Katamashvili
  • Fairy Wheels (South Africa) Director: Clea Mallinson
  • Khamsa (Algeria) Directors: Khaled Chiheb, Messaoud Rouag, Kamal Zakour
  • Island (China) Director: Mengqian Chen
  • Mad Peter (China) Director: Ginger (Yiqing) Liu
  • Riga’s Lilac (Latvia) Director: Lizete Murovska

Pitch Sessions (Impérial Palace, Ravel A&B):

  • Feature Films -- Wednesday, June 15, 11:00am-1:00pm
  • Short Films -- Wednesday June 15, 2:00-3:30pm
  • Transmedia -- Wednesday June 15, 4:00-5:30pm
  • TV Specials and Series -- Thursday June 16, 9:30-11:00am
  • Animation du Monde -- Thursday June 16, 11:30am-1:00pm

Information on the full MIFA Pitches program is available here.

Source: Annecy International Animated Film Festival

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