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Midway Secures Multiple Syndication Agreements

Midway Games Inc. has entered into several syndication agreements whereby it will license classic video games for play on a variety of emerging gaming mediums, including Websites, handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones and interactive television. Companies that have entered into licensing agreements with Midway include iWon, Heavy, RuneCraft, Index, Pocket Express and Terra Mobile-iobox. Financial terms of the licensing agreements were not disclosed. Midway announced three agreements focused on the handheld/wireless market. Terra Mobile-iobox licensed the worldwide download rights and retail sales rights in Europe and Latin America to several titles for Palm, Pocket PC, EPOC and smartphones, including: DEFENDER, ROBOTRON: 2084, GAUNTLET, MORTAL KOMBAT, PAPERBOY, MARBLE MADNESS, RAMPAGE and SMASHTV. Terra Mobile-iobox is a leading European wireless portal in Mobile Internet services with over 5 million registered users. Pocket Express, one of the fastest growing software developers in the Palm economy, has licensed the worldwide download and retail rights to SPY HUNTER, JOUST, TAPPER, SINISTAR and DEFENDER II for the PalmOS platform. Index, a leading Japanese wireless content provider, licensed the exclusive rights to I-mode java versions of several Midway games on any Web-enabled cell phone in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. RuneCraft is Midway's first Interactive TV licensee, with an agreement for the rights to KLAX, RAMPART and GAUNTLET for the ITV platform. On the Internet, iWon and Heavy will each provide versions of classic Midway titles on their sites.