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Mickey, Donald and Goofy Become Three Musketeers on DVD

With THE THREE MUSKETEERS (Disney DVD, $29.99, Aug. 17, 2004) Mickey, Donald and Goofy become Musketeers in their feature debut in this DVD premiere from director Donovan Cook. The pals do Dumas to the familiar musical strains of Tchaikovsky, Strauss and Beethoven, as they try to rescue Minnie from Pegleg Pete. And with this release Buena Vista Home Ent. launches Disney's FastPlay, a new patent pending technology that allows viewers to experience all of the DVD without the services of a remote.

DVD features include:

* Build Your Own Opera: Players select their own stage backdrop and singer, then sing-along to one of three crazy opera songs with wacky on-screen lyrics* The Many Hats of Mickey: Discover Mickey's different movie roles through his long and illustrious film career* The Making of THE THREE MUSKETEERS: This tongue-in-cheek documentary delves into why this is Mickey's first full-length animated movie* Deleted Scenes* Audio Commentary: Stars Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pegleg Pete explain how they approached their performances

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