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Michael Bennion gets Curious

New York-based CURIOUS PICTURES has added Michael Bennion to its directorial roster for representation in the United States. Bennion, collaborating with Curious director David Kelley, recently completed his first job under the Curious Pictures banner, a pool of spots for CDnow. For the last year, Bennion has been associated with The End (London, England), which will continue to rep him outside of the US. While there, he created ads for MTV and LUCKY, a live-action short film. From '94-'98, Bennion has also been a live-action director at Alex Myers (London) and an animation director at Blink (London). "I have known Mike for quite a long time and have seen his work evolve over a period of almost 10 years. He has made a transition from mixed-media and animation to sophisticated, high quality live-action with inspiration from his background as a graphic designer and animator," said executive producer Richard Winkler.