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A Message From Will Vinton

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

My good friend and associate, Jim Hardison, said it best, "It's surreal!"

After many great years building Will Vinton Prods. and creating groundbreaking Claymation and 3D-animated films, television and commercials, and growing Will Vinton Studios, I have been forced out of active involvement with the company by Phil Knight and his associates. The situation could also be described as "Machiavellian"! And I expect you'll hear much more about this David and Goliath story in the near future.

I am currently exploring new business opportunities and relationships and am open to a wide range of possibilities.I hope to give you details about the new plans in the near future.

Effective immediately, I am represented by Jon Levin at CAA (Creative Artists Agency) for directing and producing of animated features and by David Tenzer and Rob Kenneally at CAA as a developer and executive producer for Television projects. CAA's number is (310) 288-4545.

For advertising and commercial projects, my new company will be associated with Happy Hour Entertainment ( in Portland. Happy Hour is a mix of former colleagues and new talent. I hope my years of experience in branding and producing and directing popular advertising using animated characters will help us reach new heights. My current office is in the Happy Hour facility at 1330 NW 14th Ave. Portland, Oregon, 97209. Happy Hour's main number is (503) 295-6800, the fax is (503) 295-6636.

To update your address book, here's my permanent contact information (Please make sure you update the email since things sent to Vinton Studios is nearly impossible for me to retrieve):

Will Vinton1218 SE River Forest RoadOak Grove, OR97267Bus # (503) 786-2026Happy Hour # (503) 295-6800Cell # (503) 720-5555email:

As I told the remaining staff when I let them know I was fired, it's been one amazing 27-year run! When I think back on the highlights of my career I'm astounded at some of the great things we did together but the best part of it all was working collaboratively with some of the best people and talent anywhere, inside and outside the Studio! That has been my greatest pleasure thus far!

I look forward to building on that in some exciting, new future collaborations.

Best Wishes and Stay Animated!

Will Vinton