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Mercenaries Engineering to Unveil New Guerilla Render at SIGGRAPH 2014

Mercenaries Engineering brings a new version of professional rendering, look development and lighting solution Guerilla Render to SIGGRPH 2014.

PARIS, France -- Mercenaries Engineering is bringing Guerilla Render, a professional rendering, look development and lighting solution, to SIGGRPH 2014.

Specifically designed for the Animation and the VFX industries, Guerilla Render has been used in production on TV series and CG and VFX feature films since 2008. Projects employing Guerilla Render include Prime Focus World’s Total Recall, Dredd, Mirror Mirror and Byzantium, Onyx Films’ the Prodigies, The Little Prince, Mune, Digital District’s Ballerina and Method Animation series The Little Prince, Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood and the new series inspired from Playmobil, Super 4.

During SIGGRAPH 2014, production professionals are invited to exclusive demonstrations of the new, improved Guerilla Render at the Mercenaries Engineering booth #921.

New Capabilities and Improved Performance & Flexibility

Optimized  for  the  look  development  and  the  lighting  tasks,  Guerilla  Render  features  easy  and productive rendering, without sacrificing flexibility and performance.

The new improved Guerilla Render, unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2014, includes:

  • Improved production workflow with the RenderGraph system
  • New eye shader
  • Support for OpenVDB and FumeFX fluids
  • Support for deep images using deep OpenEXR
  • Volumetric rendering, with infinite volume, volume inside objects, voxel, fire, smoke, simple volume shader, black body color...
  • Fast opacity rendering, transparent fur, tree leaves with opacity map
  • Physically plausible skylight
  • Portals
  • Yeti hair system, new fur procedural
  • Sub-frames motion blur
  • Multiple engine optimizations, faster preview and rendering time
  • Improved python SDK

The new Guerilla Render is due out later this year, and will be released with ONE FREE CONNECTED LICENSE PER IP, COMMERCIAL USE INCLUDED.

Production professionals can download Guerilla Render upon registration directly on Guerilla Render’s website at


  • Windows 64, Linux x64
  • NVidia video card
  • Permanent internet connection is required for the free connected license. See dedicated FAQ.

Source: Mercenaries Engineering

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