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Mekajiki Unveils Storyboard App Boardfish

Stand-alone page layout application designed specifically for the purpose of storyboarding instantly assembles panels into a professional storyboard layout.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Mekajiki has released its first commercial software application, Boardfish, a stand-alone page layout application designed specifically for the purpose of storyboarding. Boardfish instantly assembles panels into a professional storyboard layout with the flexibility to easily edit and customize layouts.

Developed as an in-house tool at San Francisco Based Design and Production company Swordfish, Boardfish is the first tool being productized through Mekajiki, Swordfish’s sister company.

“Since we started up Swordfish 4 years ago we have created a numerous tools to help solve our production problems.” said Matt Silverman, Executive Creative Director/CEO, Mekajiki/Swordfish. “Most of our projects require boards of some sort -- mood boards, storyboards, UX flows, shooting boards -- and I have always been frustrated by the inefficient toolsets found in our off-the-shelf software for assembling boards. Over the past decade I’ve helped design and develop storyboard plug-ins and scripts for After Effects and InDesign, but nothing completely solved my production problems. I finally decided that the only way to do it right was to build a full-blown OSX application, and with the help of my partners at Mekajiki Boardfish was born.”

Boardish’s features include:

  • Drag and drop images to instantly create boards
  • Up to four captions per panel can be positioned on any side of the image
  • Panels can be rearranged, deleted or hidden with automatic animated reflowing
  • Complete control of page size/orientation, panel layout, panel spacing, fonts, and colors
  • Panel Labels for Panel Numbers and Scene/Shot Numbers
  • Ability to import corporate logos for Title Page and Headers/Footers
  • Custom layouts can be saved into Preset Templates
  • Export to PDF or Print directly from Boardfish
  • Native OSX Application

“Whether you create your panels by drawing, shooting photos, creating 3D models, or designing UX wireframes,” Silverman added. “Boardfish will revolutionize the way you assemble your final layout. Boardfish has proven invaluable for our Swordfish productions, and I’m excited that it’s the first of many Mekajiki tools for us to share with the world.”

Source: Mekajiki Inc.