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MEDIALAB and Cine-Groupe join

MEDIALAB, a real-time performance animation production company, and Cine-Groupe, a production house and distributor of animation, have joined forces for the first time in a co-production deal that will see two properties, Pinocchio 3001 and Sphinx@com, developed into computer-generated animated feature films and television series. These projects will be produced over the next four years using MEDIALABs propietary performance animation techniques. Pinocchio 3001 is a futuristic twist on the classic tale of Gepetto and his little wooden boy who must learn the difference between good and bad in order to become a real human boy. Sphinx@com is an adventure series through time and the Internet that puts a group of modern young heros into an oppressive ancient world ruled by Egyptian gods. MEDIALABs first foray into content creation and production was in 1996 when they launched the 3D television series, Donkey Kong Country.