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'Mazinger Z' Heads to Latin America

“Mazinger Z” the revered TV animated series from Toei Animation Co., is making its official Latin American debut.

Los Angeles, CAMazinger Z the revered TV animated series from Toei Animation, is making its official Latin American debut, with all 92 episodes now available to both television broadcasters and home video companies throughout the region. The announcement was made by Hiroyuki Kinoshita, who serves as CEO of Toei Animation Inc. (US), Toei Animation Enterprises (Asia) and Toei Animation Europe S.A.S. (Europe)

Mazinger Z follows the adventures of Kouji Kabuto, grandson of Professor Juzo, a brilliant scientist who discovers a hidden Greek island housing the secret to a lost and incredibly advanced form of robotics technology. When Professor Jouzo is murdered by his evil colleague, Dr. Hell, who wants to harness the island’s power to rule the world, Kouji takes control of his grandfather’s greatest invention – the Mazinger super robot, which he uses to derail Dr. Hell’s nefarious plans.

Mazinger Z originally ran between 1972 and 1974 with wide international praise. The series is credited for solidifying anime’s worldwide appeal and spawning the transforming robot genre, which inspired multiple brands including Voltron and Transformers. Toei is the only company that holds the official rights for Mazinger Z’s distribution.

“Latin America, which continues to embrace our many properties, including Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Sailor Moon, remains a vital region for Toei,” said Kinoshita. “We are confident that Mazinger Z will speak thoroughly to young audiences through its mixture of adventure and high-powered storytelling.”

Source: Toei Animation Co.