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Maxon Releases Universe 4.0

Now available, the latest version includes new stylize tools Electrify, Texturize Motion, and Analog, Support for Metal, and 200+ new presets for Array Gun and Typographic; other Maxon updates include Redshift with support for OpenColorO, streamlined new Maxon App, and fixes and optimization of FX Suite and Cinema 4D S24.

Motion design and VFX software developer Maxon has just released Universe 4.0, available now. The latest subscription-only software features Electrify for creating electrical effects on images, footage, and logos; Texturize Motion for blending animated textures with footage for sketchy, stop motion looks; and Analog for simulating dynamic analog retro-TV-styles, noise, interference, and CRT effects. These new effects include 100+ presets.

Universe 4.0 uses Apple Metal technology for optimal GPU performance on Mac. With improved Premiere Pro and After Effects integration, users will notice significant performance improvements. 140 new presets have been added for Array Gun and Typographic contributed by motion designer, Laura Porat.

“Universe 4.0 gives artists the ability to quickly and easily create their favorite effects and add visual excitement to their projects,” commented Maxon CEO Dave McGavran. “It’s a pleasure to provide tools we know are going to inspire the creative community. I am also very pleased with the under-the-hood improvements that offer notable enhancements and set the groundwork for greater performance and efficiency in future releases.”

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Universe 4.0 Overview

Electrify - Add lightning effects to images and footage by using source image contours to generate electrical effects, fractal noise sources to customize patterns without image contours or use both options simultaneously for maximum effect. Shimmer can be added with an animated matte texture.

Texturize Motion - Choose from 14 high resolution animated textures to blend into existing footage for sketchy, stop motion looks. Rotation, scale, and position jitter controls are integrated to add additional custom shakiness. Artists can add custom textures.

Analog - Simulate color, noise, interference, and CRT effects to recreate classic television video effects. Settings like Phase, Filter, Temperature offer control to create a wide variety of looks. Basic scan lines, CRT dots, and squares can be added for a realistic CRT projection as well as screen curvature and reflections.

New Presets - Includes 100+ presets for effects as well as 140 new presets for Array Gun and Typographic. The presets are themed around three categories: Sci-fi, Minimalistic and Trendy/Retro. All the presets are versatile and can be used with a wide variety of assets and designs.

Maxon also announced the update of several products including:

Additional information is available here.

Source: Maxon