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Maxon Announces Maxon One Updates

The software developer wraps up the year with numerous product enhancements, including new features in Redshift, full support for ACES in Magic Bullet, and stability improvements throughout; newly launched and redesigned Cineversity now serves as the central hub for all educational content.

Maxon has announced updates to Maxon One - including Magic Bullet’s expanded use of the new ACES color mode, new Redshift features which improve volume rendering capabilities, and Cinema 4D stability enhancements for Pyro and the Redshift Camera. In addition, Maxon’s relaunched educational platform, Cineversity, will provide educational resources to support artists.

Here’s a rundown:

Red Giant Magic Bullet 2023.1

The spring release of the new ACES color mode brought Magic Bullet Looks users professional-level color management. Now tools have been updated to take full advantage of the new engine with better highlight roll-off management, better use of dynamic range, and better color accuracy.

Redshift 3.5.11

Redshift now features more realistic volume rendering, additional shaders, and a new denoiser.

  • Render volumes look more realistic with multiscattering. From clouds and smoke to new Cinema 4D Pyro simulations, multiscatter offers a more realistic representation of light bouncing within the volume, especially when combined with anisotropy.
  • Cinema 4D’s popular Tile and Brick shaders are now available within C4D as native Redshift shaders. Define weaves, mosaics, and tile patterns using many different shapes, and lay bricks faster with full control over brick size, offset, and displacement. In addition, the shaders offer procedural options for architectural surfaces and abstract motion graphics.
  • Intel’s Open Image Denoiser uses AI to clean up renders, speeding up render times. This new Denoiser is available in Redshift for Cinema 4D and will come to other supported DCCs soon.

Cinema 4D 2023.1.2

This hotfix release improves the stability of Pyro and Redshift Camera.


Maxon has launched a redesigned Cineversity with tutorials and resources for all Maxon products. In addition to Maxon tutorials, it offers selected external resources, training courses, and a comprehensive “getting started” series on all Maxon desktop applications. Furthermore, users can quickly find help on specific topics and applications with a more intuitive tandem search function. Finally, Cineversity will serve as the central hub for all educational content, such as the Demystifying Postproduction, Max on Color, and VFX and Chill series.

Cineware for Unreal

Cineware for Unreal now includes support for Unreal Engine 5.1. So, in addition to static geometry, MoGraph Cloners, cameras, and lights, artists can directly import deforming meshes like character animations as a Geometry Cache.

Source: Maxon

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