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Maxon Announces Integration of Redshift in ZBrush

Key updates for Maxon One line expand Forger capabilities with modeling toolset, including subdivision surfaces and symmetry; performance upgrades in Red Giant Trapcode’s improve particle simulation creation in Adobe After Effects.

Maxon has announced exciting updates to the Maxon One product line, including upgrades to ZBrush and Forger and key performance updates to Red Giant Trapcode. The latest update to ZBrush includes the first-step integration of Redshift, with enhanced sculpting workflows and architectural changes to take advantage of the power of M1 and M2-powered Macs. In addition, users will see Forger’s expansion of its creative capabilities on the iPad beyond sculpting with a complete modeling toolset, including subdivision surfaces and symmetry. Finally, Red Giant Trapcode update includes key performance improvements for artists creating particle simulations in Adobe After Effects.

“The integration of Redshift into ZBrush brings artists a level of power and flexibility that was previously unimaginable,” commented Maxon CEO David McGavran. “This is a major milestone for Maxon and achieves our goal of making Redshift accessible to all artists and creators. This update also brings with it a host of new features and workflows that will help artists push the boundaries of their creativity and bring their visions to life.”

Redshift in ZBrush

Maxon’s first step of Redshift integration features new workflows to render high-quality images with subsurface scattering and emissive light generation. In addition, Redshift for ZBrush supports Standard, Madcap, and Redshift materials for increased realism when creating metal surfaces and caustics for glass.

Maxon One subscribers can take advantage of the power of Nvidia and Apple GPUs for rendering, while all subscribers enjoy pixel parity when using the CPU on any compatible system.

New and Improved Sculpting Tools:

  • Slime Bridge: The ZBrush masking system can create complex geometric connections and designs from one masked island to another. Controls for Tension, Bridges, Calipers, and Branches make it easier to make sinewy, slimy connections between surfaces.
  • Sculptris Pro: The latest additions allow artists to use a slider to increase mesh density in desired areas while reducing the size of triangles.
  • Dynamic Symmetry: Local Symmetry uses the Gizmo inside ZBrush to keep symmetry within the ZBrush workspace while moving models off the center axis. Users can also control the symmetry line of action while manipulating the placement of assets anywhere in the ZBrush world space. 
  • Mask Region: Auto Region easily masks complex shapes and the paint indicators in simple or complex shapes to determine areas to be filled.
  • Apply Last Action: Last Action to all SubTools functions allows for applying material attributes, color information, and any other “undoable” operations to multiple subtools inside the ZBrush Tool Palette with the click of a button.
  • ZRemesher Retry / Keep PolyPaint: The automatic retopology now includes options to store and compare the results of different settings. Optimize meshes at any point in production with the new chance to Keep PolyPaint –projecting the existing color onto newly constructed meshes.
  • Crease Edge UV Unwrap: Crease Edge automatically detects the most efficient hard edges and “creases” where UV seams are placed for UV map generation.


  • Subdivision Surfaces: Artists can create anywhere with Forger's expanded capabilities on the iPad beyond sculpting, now accessing a complete polygonal modeling toolset, including subdivision surfaces and symmetry.

Red Giant Trapcode:

  • Maxon has made moderate improvements to Particular, a new optimized workflow that allows linking an emitter to any 3D layer in AE comps, making particle system setup more efficient. In addition, animated Physics Time Factors optimize performance, and memory management has improved Form particles.

Maxon Capsules

Capsule content continues to be delivered regularly, giving subscribers over 75 Redshift-optimized models, 30 Redshift Wood, Metal, and Liquid materials, plus an additional 30 exclusive Maxon One materials. In addition, with a new Wave Spline primitive created in partnership with Rocket Lasso, Maxon One subscribers can simulate oscilloscopes, sound forms, and other animated waveforms.

All updates are available to subscribers via Maxon App and the Maxon website.

Source: Maxon

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