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Mattel, Mainframe Bring Barbie To Nutcracker Feature

Mattel has enlisted Mainframe Entertainment to create the first direct-to-video feature starring Barbie. The story will be based on THE NUTCRACKER with Barbie playing Clara. Mattel is investing US$15 million into the 84-minute CGI flick, which should hit store shelves in October. Currently, Mattel is looking for a buyer for an hour-long TV version of the film. New York City ballet-master Peter Martins will choreograph the dance sequences with the London Symphony Orchestra supplying the music. Motion-capture will be used to animate five separate dancers for the flick. Kelly Sheridan (ACTION MAN) will provide the voice for Barbie with Tim Curry (FERNGULLY) voicing her boyfriend Ken. The screenplay was written by Hilary Hinkle and Linda Engelslepen. Products to accompany the release of the video will be books, eight dolls, a Hallmark Christmas ornament and other related licenses.

Since their first 3D CGI television show, the groundbreaking REBOOT, Mainframe Entertainment has been producing quality children's television. Read all about the firm in Animation World Magazine!

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