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Mattel Gets Nutty With Interactive TV

Mattel Interactive has entered into a deal with Danish company, TV Animation, the creators and owners of the animated interactive TV series THE NELLY NUT SHOW and the real-time technology, The Cartoon Broadcast System. The partnership will further develop the series for world TV markets. Mattel Interactive will represent the partnership in North America and other English speaking territories around the globe. THE NELLY NUT SHOW is an interactive television show that allows children to call into the show, appear in real-time as an animated cartoon character, and compete against other kids in wacky games. The series currently runs on the Danish station Denmark's Radio. The Cartoon Broadcast System is a real-time animation system developed by TV Animation, which allows producers to have real-time lip sync of up to 16 simultaneous sources, live pan, zoom and tracking and electronic puppeteering. The modular system lets users change characters, animation and games as fast as reading off a CD or loading from a network. "We selected TV Animation as a partner because it offers a complete solution," said Bernard Stolar, president of Mattel Interactive. "Its innovative technology gives kids the power to appear in real time as animated characters in a fun show, allowing them do things they would never be able to do except in a cartoon. The Nelly Nut Show is a perfect example of how TV programs can make this type of interactive entertainment possible."

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