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Matrix tops at the weekend box office

The Matrix, a new futuristic, action movie that stars Keanu Reeves andfeatures state of the art visual effects, took first place at the theweekend box office, grossing $27.6 million for the biggest opening weekendthis year, industry estimates showed Sunday.

Doug's 1st Movie, the Disney released animated feature based on the hit TVshow, finished eighth, grossing $3.1 million during its first week inrelease. The movie was based on a TV show, formerly of Nickelodeon, nowDisney, that was originally intended to be a direct-to-video release, butafter the success of The Rugrats Movie, Disney decided in favor of atheatrical release.

Forces of Nature, a live action film starring Ben Afflick and SandraBullock that includes visual effects created by Pacific Data Images (PDI),finished fourth, grossing $6.3 million.