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The Matrix Coming to HD DVD & Blu-ray

THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the groundbreaking sci-fi films from The Wachowski brothers, are coming to HD DVD on May 22 (Warner Home Video) in THE ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION and THE COMPLETE MATRIX TRILOGY (Warner Home Video, $119.99, $99.99). Blu-ray Disc versions will be released later in the year.

THE ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION will contain, for the first time, all three HD DVD versions of THE MATRIX series with more than 35 hours of bonus material in five double-sided discs. The second offering, THE COMPLETE MATRIX TRILOGY, contains HD DVD versions of the three MATRIX films in a three-disc set.

Both THE ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION and THE COMPLETE MATRIX TRILOGY come with the In-Movie Experience (IME), an exclusive interactive feature that allows viewers to enjoy new ways of accessing interviews and other material while the movie is running. For these titles, the IME will let viewers experience via picture in picture the evolution of all THE MATRIX'S cutting edge elements through the recollections of the cast and creative team.

THE MATRIX film franchise is one of Warner Home Video's largest and most prestigious, having grossed more than one billion dollars worldwide. All three films are in the top 10 best-selling sci-fi films of all time and have been nominated and won numerous awards, including four Oscars (with THE MATRIX winning for vfx). THE MATRIX was the first film on DVD to sell more than one million units during the launch of the DVD format.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.