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MassMarket Creates Powerhouse NFL Show Open

MassMarket gives fans a glossy welcome in a bold, new Sunday Night Football show open for NBC.

MassMarket teamed up with NBC Sports and Bodega Studios on a powerhouse NFL open, giving fans a glossy welcome to the gridiron this season. From floating holographic cubes outfitted with CG lasers to custom built crowd sims, the bold imagery of NBC’s Sunday Night Football Open is a definite crowd pleaser.

Sunday Night Football on NBC is truly iconic,” commented MassMarket Managing Director Jay Lichtman. “The opportunity to work with their creatives and help further elevate the brand was one we couldn’t pass up and we’re thrilled to have had the chance to contribute.”

Dynamic and bold design elements throughout the spot were just part of MassMarket’s extensive VFX pipeline.  The multiple environments required maximum flexibility — updated video content is swapped out every week.

“We had to be sure that we came up with an effective way to make the appropriate changes as efficiently as possible,” said MassMarket Lead Compositor Adam Flynn. “In addition to new footage, different motion graphic components needed to adjust accordingly.”

MassMarket designed, modeled, lit and rendered unique stadiums for each scene - a total of 70 VFX vignettes all together. To help the cheering fans meet both visual and technical requirements, a custom crowd simulator - built in house - was utilized on a very large scale.“In order to convey the stadium’s size it needed to have a large amount of detail, including the handrails, signage, and small light fixtures,” noted MassMarket 3D Lead Dave White. ”The stadium’s rows needed accurate spacing so the crowd could stand in a convincing way. Paying attention to this level of detail helped us achieve the photo real look.”

Source: MassMarket

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