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Mass Market Delivers for Hyundai

MassMarket completes work on three new spots for Hyundai for Piccadilly Circus in London.

MassMarket recently completed work on three spots for Hyundai, "Olympics," "Postcards" and "Santa Fe" – the newest addition to MassMarket's campaign for Piccadilly Circus in London.

In “Olympics,” a Hyundai i30 is sent on a seamless journey around the world in a day, traversing various countries’ landmarks throughout its travels.

“We loved the idea that the car would leave from New York City and visit multiple landmarks on its journey to London,” Managing Director Jay Lichtman said. “Our team built stylized backgrounds that included the most recognizable monuments of each country and the word ‘welcome’ in multiple languages as a 3D element in the different environments.”

For “Postcards”, the Hyundai i30 is prominently featured as it glides from one postcard onto the scene of another. “We wanted to make this graphically interesting while highlighting the features of the car,” Lichtman added. “It’s as if the driver is sending postcards from their trip, but everything centers on the car.”

This technique also allowed a flexible graphic vocabulary, adding the element of surprise as the car transitions from day to night and backgrounds switch from one scene to another.

“Santa Fe,” the third spot debuting at Piccadilly Circus, focuses on dynamic dissections of Hyundai’s Santa Fe SUV. MassMarket’s 2D and CG teams worked tightly together to craft particle streams that break up and reassemble the vehicle from different perspectives.

Source: MassMarket

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