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Marx Brothers Toon Stopped By Heirs

The heirs of Chico and Harpo Marx dont like being left out of the Groucho estates desire to go ahead with an animated series based on the three silly siblings. Friday, April 28, 2000, U.S. district judge Dickran Teverizian stopped the distribution of a new toon until the three brothers estates can come to an agreement over financial issues. Chico and Harpos heirs contest that the Groucho estate bamboozled them by hiding the TV deal and not sharing the US$130,00 paid for the rights. In the 16-page court order, the judge has barred the use of Chico and Harpos likeness until a deal can be struck with the Groucho camp. Thomas Buckley, lawyer for the Chico and Harpo heirs said the ruling was "a victory for the estates of deceased celebrities everywhere. No longer are unrelated third parties free to traffic in, and profiteer on the names and likenesses of these famous people."

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