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Mark Spatny Named Supervising Producer at Stargate Digital

Mark Spatny has been appointed supervising producer at Stargate Digital to manage the producers and coordinators at Stargates Los Angeles facility, and help coordinate schedules and staffing company-wide. He will also continue to work on select projects as a visual effects supervisor.

Spatnys recent work for Stargate includes supervising the effects for the pilots THE BOOK OF DANIEL and AMY COYNE, and producing for the FOX feature IDIOCRACY. He is also working with Indian director Anubhav Sinha on visual effects for the Bollywood film DUS.

Prior to Stargate, Spatny was a producer and digital effects supervisor at Modern Videofilm on high-profile feature films such as I, ROBOT, THE LAST SAMURAI and THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, as well as episodic series for The WB network, including EVERWOOD, GILMORE GIRLS, BIRDS OF PREY and SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. At POP Film, he was the production manager for its Oscar-winning work on WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, in addition to ARMAGEDDON, STAR TREK: INSURRECTION and DR. DOLITTLE.

Formally trained as a set and lighting designer for live theater with a background in designing computer games, gives Spatny a creative flair to complement his ability to organize and manage complex projects.

Mark's wide range of experience in both production issues and in client relations make this an ideal move, said Stargates president/coo Peter Ware.

Stargate Digital ( is an award-winning vfx company best known for its innovative work in film and television. TV and film credits include INTO THE WEST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, LAS VEGAS, ER, CROSSING JORDAN, NIP TUCK, THE DEAD ZONE, IDIOCRACY, WHITE NOISE, SEED OF CHUCKY and EARTHSEA, among others. Founded in 1985, Stargate Digital has studios in Los Angeles, Vancouver and London with more than 150 artists, supervisors and producers covering all areas of digital production and visual effects. Stargate has a fully equipped stage in Van Nuys, California, with complete grip, camera and lighting packages.

In addition to matte painting, 3D, compositing, film and HD production, and editorial services, Stargate Digital offers innovative Virtual Backlot techniques utilizing proprietary technologies. Stargate also provides upfront script evaluation, storyboarding and pre-viz to help develop the signature looks or best determine the right approach for complex visual effects scenes.