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Mark Andrews to Showrun Animated Dinosaur Series ‘Kyōryū’

The show, in development with animation and VFX studio Floating Rock, follows a genetically-engineered samurai dinosaurs in a postapocalyptic Japan.

Oscar-winner Mark Andrews (Brave, Samurai Jack) will serve as showrunner on the upcoming postapocalyptic dinosaur animated series Kyōryū, reports Variety.

The series, set in Japan, follows on a group of highly intelligent, genetically engineered samurai dinosaurs who engage in tribal wars.

Speaking of the project, Andrews remarked, “‘Dinosaurs in postapocalyptic Japan?’ I want to see that show without even knowing what the story’s about! We’re going to give the audience way more than they bargained for.”

Kyōryū is currently in development at the New Zealand-based animation and VFX studio Floating Rock.

“We totally synced up right from the start… this is a fantastic group,” said Andrews of Floating Rock. “They’re a startup, but they’ve got a ton of experience, energy and great ideas. They’re rebels, and I love that. So yes, let’s take the hill… they established the field and I immediately wanted to do battle. Let’s do this!” 

Kyōryū is now in deep development,” added Floating Rock co-founder and CEO Lukas Niklaus. “Story sessions with Mark have been incredible… I come out of every session thinking, ‘holy ****, this is amazing!’ We’re making so much progress.”

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