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Manticore Games Launches $1 Million Creator Pilot Program

Company’s free ‘Core’ platform for making, playing and sharing games encourages and supports a new generation of creators.

Manticore Games is taking a step towards disrupting how games are made and played. The company announced that it is establishing a new game creator economy starting with a $1 million pilot program that allows creators to earn a living by making successful games on Core, its free platform for making, playing and sharing games.

Core is inspiring a new generation of game creators as it combines an accessible and powerful game creation and publishing platform with an endless arcade of games and a collective of shared worlds for playing and hanging out in. It is available for free in Open Alpha.

In the last four months, since starting in Alpha, the company has experienced an overwhelming response and rapid growth of its creator community. Games are being created rapidly with new ones launching daily. Solo creators are building formidable catalogs and teams are building sweeping experiences.

Core allows anyone with a PC to jump in and make high fidelity games faster than ever before and for free. With game creation more accessible, Manticore is making the financial rewards of game creation more accessible as well by initiating their payout program.

Core’s Creator Payouts Pilot Program:

The Creator Payouts Pilot Program is grounded in the simple concept: the more people play your game, the more you should get paid. Each calendar month, creators in the program can receive $3 per average daily player. This will be calculated by taking the daily number of unique users who log into the games and averaging them across that month.

The system was designed to encourage creators to be unified in the mission of making fun games and bringing new players to Core. With no subscriptions or large amounts of microtransactions to manage, game creators only need to focus on is making great games that attract and retain players. The more players brought in; the more money is made.

Who’s In and How to Join:

The Creator Payouts Pilot Program starts with 100 spots. Invitations have already been offered for nearly half. The first group was chosen based on the games they have made and their dedication to the Core platform. They include alpha testers from the earliest days of Closed Alpha, contest winners, and newcomers. All thirteen creators from the first Game Dev Bootcamp class have been invited to participate.

Participation in the program is by invite only and participants must comply with the related terms. The best way to earn one of the limited spots is to make games on Core that players enjoy.

For more details about the program, including eligibility and how payments work, visit the payouts FAQ page. If you already have a game and want to be considered for an invite, click here to complete an application.

Source: Manticore Games