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‘The Mandalorian’ Adds ‘Stop-Motion’ to Impressive Practical Effects Roster

‘Star Wars’ effects veteran Phil Tippett reveals the use of stop-mo animation for scrapwalkers in ‘The Believer’ episode of the hit Disney+ series.

This is the way! Hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian is known for its great plotlines (which has redeemed the franchise in many eyes after the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy fiasco) as well as the use of convincing practical effects. The effects team created the animatronic puppet for Grogu, real prosthetics for alien appendages, and virtual sets in place of plain blue and greenscreens. Now, Star Wars visual effects legend Phil Tippett has revealed the season’s next to last episode, “The Believer” utilized stop-motion for the giant “scrapwalkers” on the trash planet where actor Bill Burr’s character, Mayfield, was servin’ time.  

Tippett was on the original team that animated the Hoth Imperial Walkers on The Empire Strikes Back, so this must have felt like a full circle project. We continue to marvel at the blend of new and old technologies utilized by the team to create a truly immersive and visually believable show. What will they think of next?

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