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Makin' Wookiee

D.FILM and The New Venue in association with Atom Films and Evan's StarWars Cinema present a new online Star Wars-inspired filmmaking contest. Toenter, send in a short script for a Star Wars spoof. Short means very short- a story that can be told in two minutes or less. A panel of celebrityjudges (headed by a prominent member of the original Trilogy cast) willreview the scripts. At the end of April, the judges will select a script,and hand it over to a team of innovative digital filmmakers, includingJason Wishnow of TATOOINE OR BUST and THE NEW VENUE, Evan Mather of QUENTINTARANTINO'S STAR WARS, and others. These filmmakers will use your script tocreate moving pictures, sound, special effects, i.e. the whole works. Youwill get a writing credit, a cameo appearance, and an early place in thehistory of made-for-Internet movies. The premiere will be online, May 28th- one week after the release of EPISODE 1. The deadline for entry is April30th. For more information visit: