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Make a Sci-Fi Short from Scratch with Digital-Tutors’ New VFX Training Series

Expert tutorials explain production techniques used on live-action/CG short; modeling and rigging lessons free.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Pluralsight company Digital-Tutors has launched the Daydreamer Production Pipeline series. Daydreamer features 12 hours of video training, taking artists through the complete process needed to animate a sci-fi short from creature modeling to compositing.

The robots, rockets and brightly colored landscapes that populate a little girl’s fantasy world are explored over eight tutorials, each outlining a separate function of the pipeline. Starting with modeling and Uvs, the tutorial progresses into texturing, rigging, animating and rendering before finishing up with color grading and compositing in The Foundry’s NUKE.  Applications like MODO, MARI, Autodesk Maya and Side Effects’ Houdini are all featured, so artists can build skill sets in products used throughout the VFX industry.

“We wanted to empower artists with another in-depth pipeline series,” said Kyle Green, Director of Creative Content at Digital-Tutors. “Whether they want to learn the multiple steps of a production, or just communicate better up the pipeline, this series gives them the skills they need to be successful in a professional setting.”

Five tutorials are available now with more to arrive in the next few weeks. All the tutorials are accessible with a subscription to Digital-Tutors, and non-subscribers can explore the first two tutorials on modeling and rigging for free.

Complete Course List:

  • Course 1:    Modeling and UVs
  • Course 2:    Rigging
  • Course 3:    Animation
  • Course 4:    Texture Painting and Surfacing         
  • Course 5:    Lighting and Rendering
  • Course 6:    Dynamics
  • Course 7:    Color Correction
  • Course 8:    Compositing

The Daydreamer series is another entry in Digital-Tutors’ Learning Path category, devoted to production pipelines. While users can always expect new tutorials that teach to a specific product or steps of the pipeline, these pipeline Learning Paths offer artists a complete approach to their VFX and 3D animation training by putting all of the elements together.

Source: Digital Tutors

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