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Mainframe Teams with Gamer Nick Eh 30 on ‘Endurathon’ Series

The show, produced in Unreal Engine 5, follows two teenage best friends as they compete in an eSports meets ‘American Ninja Warrior’ VR game tournament.

Mainframe Studios has partnered with top gaming entertainer and streamer Nick Eh 30 for a new animated series called Endurathon. The show targets 8-14-year-olds with top celebrity streamers in recurring and cameo appearances, featuring Nick Eh 30 as one of two Casters delivering play-by-play commentary.  Mainframe will produce in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 for visuals that immerse the players in a larger-than-life eSports game experience.

The series follows 14-year-old Colton and best friend Deeci who get the chance of a lifetime to compete in Endurathon — the eSports meets American Ninja Warrior VR game where players compete in a battle royale Tournament divided into five connected Quests.  However, as newcomers, they’re clear underdogs against four experienced teams that include Colton’s arch-rival Ricky. Although they’re determined to prove they belong, Colton’s obsession with crushing Ricky alienates Deeci and threatens their dream of winning it all.  The series balances conflict with positive messaging around teamwork, friendship and how the road to winning is paved by practice and determination.  

Taking eSports competition to a new level, the show’s inaugural season - Curse of Darkness - is a fully realized game world within the series. The teams must advance through five challenging Realms to defeat fearsome Realm Bosses on their way to a final showdown with uber-boss Aewulf to restore the Prism of Light and lift the Curse of Darkness.  

Nick Eh 30 – formally Nicholas Amyoony – known as the “good guy” of gaming, set himself apart with his family-friendly content, making many parents comfortable enough to let their kids watch him. His fun and positive outlook during matches has become a huge part of his brand and has helped skyrocket his success. The Canadian was among the original crop of streamers to pick up Fortnite and ride it to a major career. Now, Nick has 4.3 million followers on Twitch and 7.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Mainframe Studios’ President & CCO Michael Hefferon and writer Larry Raskin created Endurathon. Hefferon and Raskin will executive produce with Nick Eh 30 and Mainframe’s SVP Content Gregory R. Little.

“We wanted to create relatable character-driven stories that are anchored in the exciting world of eSports and gaming,” said Hefferon. “There are over 3 billion gamers in the world, and 92% of our target audience are avid gamers, evenly split between male and female. Nick Eh 30 brings an authenticity to Endurathon’s eSports experience that speaks directly to that audience.”

“So many kids dream of becoming professional gamers, and I consider myself one of the lucky few that get to live that dream,” said Nick Eh 30. “I’m really excited to expand into narrative storytelling and Endurathon is the perfect next step. Characters like Colton and Deeci show that teamwork and a positive approach can win even in the cutthroat and competitive world of eSports.”

Source: Mainframe Studios

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