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Mainframe & Studio B Announce First Co-Production Toon

Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. and Studio B Productions have announced their first co-development project for television entitled SURF N TURF. The traditional cel and CGI animated series is a multiple segment comedy property created by Amanda Connor and Jim Palmiotti. In 1991, Palmiotti began his career with Marvel Comics and has since worked for DC Comics and Fleer on such titles as SUPERMAN, BATMAN THE MOVIE and KID DEATH AND ASH, which has been optioned for a feature film by DreamWorks SKG. Connor's work can be seen in MAD MAGAZINE, THE NEW YORK TIMES and BARBIE FASHION. Palmiotti and Connor are also the co-creators of the new comic series GATECRASHER. SURF N TURF takes place in the SandCastle Restaurant somewhere in California. The show stars Chef Turf, a short, gruff, tattooed, wisecracking bulldog from Brooklyn, and Surf, the restaurant's Maitre d', a sweet, live-for-the-moment, air-headed lobster. The series will also feature other segments including ESCAPE FROM AQUATRAZ and NICK AND SCRATCH. These segments are independent of the main story but all take place in the SandCastle Restaurant. ESCAPE FROM AQUATRAZ follows a group of convict fish who try to escape the restaurant's "catch of the day" fish tank before they become the blue plate special. NICK AND SCRATCH chronicles the accident-prone exploits of the SandCastle's valet parking attendants, who call themselves Vehicular Placement Engineers. Mainframe's CEO and president Ian Pearson said, "We couldn't ask for a better partner than Studio B. Not only are they experts at traditional animation, we share the same sensibilities about what makes a great story and interesting characters. They are an absolute pleasure to work with, if you can call sitting around laughing our heads off in story meetings working." Studio B partner Chris Bartleman said, " SURF N TURF will be slick, smartly written and hilarious. The perfect series in which to showcase the combined talents of our studios." AWN's looking forward to this one and other projects coming from Mainframe and Studio B's new teaming.

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