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Main Street Pictures Teams Up With Top Hollywood Creators

Seth MacFarlane, John Woo and Ralph Bakshi are some of the creators collaborating with Main Street Pictures, Inc. to produce their animated features and Internet-based productions. Additionally, Main Street Pictures, Inc. is working on a series of animated shorts in conjunction with Warner Bros. slated to be released later this year in Kenya, Africa.

SETH MACFARLANE'S CAVALCADE OF CARTOON COMEDY, produced by Main Street Pictures, Inc. for Media Rights Capital (MRC) the independent film, television and digital studio, embarks on a new territory, distributing the shorts via the Internet using different Web-based outlets and sponsors. "CAVALCADE was an amazing experience, one of the most exciting, collaborative and challenging projects in my life," said producer Andrew Egiziano, a co-founder of Main Street Pictures, Inc. "Seth and a small team of insanely funny writers laid out the idea, 50 individual shorts, up to two minutes in length, created specifically with the Web in mind."

"To witness Seth create 50 new and original stories, breathe life into each character and work with Cavalcade's small group of artists, directors and production staff with 'spot on' animation from Digital eMation in Korea and original scoring by Walter Murphy was an incredible experience" added Mike Bodkin, Main Street's production manager.

"However, that's where the challenges began" said producer Aaron Parry. "Optimizing production time allotted for a tight schedule while building a working pipeline that utilized in house, freelance and international artistic talent and production raised the stakes."

MSP started the process in late 2007 with the project ramping up in 2008. "Preparing for, an aggressive schedule and producing 50 completely original shorts required a customized, patented workflow pipeline and proprietary tracking software and tons of teamwork", said Andrew Egiziano, adding that CAVALCADE came in on time and on budget.

In collaboration, John Woo's animated feature sequel to RED CLIFF continues to tell the legendary epic story of the events from the Chinese historical novel, ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS, through the eyes of the warrior princess Lady Sun.

"It isn't often that a major director decides to continue an epic live-action story like RED CLIFF in animation. The story of Lady Sun is amazingly relevant to modern events and allows for a fantastic exploration in animation feature design and performance," Aaron Parry said, co-founder and producer of Main Street Pictures, Inc. WARRIOR PRINCESS (working title) is being produced by Lion Rock Productions with Terrance Chang and Lori Tilkin.

On the development front, MSP is working on a sequel of Ralph Bakshi's WIZARDS, produced by Mark Bakshi and Main Street Pictures co-founder and producer, Aaron Parry. Also in development is BRAIN DRAIN by Dustin Ellis where two teenagers get trapped in the brain of their mad scientist uncle.