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Magnetic Dreams Get Robotic

Revolution Pictures partners with Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio to chronicle a boy’s relationship with a robot in What If, the new music video for Five for Fighting.


Nashville, TN -- Revolution Pictures’ director, Roman White, can add yet another high profile notch on his belt.  Yesterday, premiered the music video for Five For Fighting’s (Wind-up Records) What If, a visual effects masterpiece that takes the viewer on an emotional journey chronicling a boy’s relationship with a robot who gives him his heart.  Revolution Pictures tapped Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio as support on the project.

“We have always enjoyed our relationship with Wind-up for the support they give their artists,” says Randy Brewer, Revolution Pictures’ Founder and Executive Producer.  “When they came to us and asked Roman to work on a treatment for What If we knew it would be a natural fit.  They trusted Revolution with this project and let Roman drive the vision for the video.”

“Roman White’s What If video is my favorite of all Five For Fighting videos,” says Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik. “It is a wonderful film that touches on love, mortality, and the little robot in all of us…” 

What If exemplifies the kind of storytelling Roman White is known for.  Coupled with stunning visual effects, the partnership between Ondrasik and White has proven to be completely symbiotic.  “I will always respect John for allowing me to be an artist, to create something with very few limits and he really believing in me and the process. I'll never forget that and I know this is the first of many more amazing projects with him.”

Speaking to the effects in the video, White says, “I created the robot with a team of close, very talented friends at Magnetic Dreams. We went through several designs and, at one point, the robot had a mouth. I decided to leave him without a mouth once we started animating because we were feeling so much emotion through his eyes and his movements. It's weird how a digital character can start to come to life before your eyes, how the robot was suddenly looking at the boy with wonder and love and even worry and sadness. The robot came to life, and it was incredible watching it happen. At the end of the day, I wanted to tell a great story. I wanted to reveal how delicate emotions can be and what it feels like to give of yourself, to see something beautiful through someone else's eyes and to simply learn to love.”

Source: Revolution Pictures

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