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Magic Frame Animation and Creation Entertainment Media's ‘Rebellious’ Gets Global Premiere

The modern animated fairytale features a headstrong princess who, when kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, takes matters into her own hands and plots a daring escape; film debuts next month at AFM.

Magic Frame Animation and Creation Entertainment Media announced their co-production Rebellious, a 3DCG feature, will have its global premiere at American Film Market (AFM) in November. In the modern fairytale, an evil sorcerer kidnaps a headstrong princess who challenges her captor and plots a daring escape; meanwhile, her clever fiancée embarks on an epic journey to find her.

Inspired by the classic “Beauty and the Beast” story, Rebellious takes place in exotic locations, including mystical forests and dangerous dungeons. The contemporary fairytale features the “modern princess,” who, rather than surrendering to circumstances, has autonomy and chooses her own path. The film introduces diverse characters from unique backgrounds.

The movie is produced by Sasha Shapiro (Dirty Grandpa) with Alex Tsitsilin (Secret Magic Control Agency) directing. Creation Entertainment Media CEO Sefi Carmel (Legacy of Lies) serves as producer and composer. The music is composed in Dolby Atmos by SphereTrax with sound design and Dolby Atmos mixing by Soundtrack Creation in London. Annalisa LaBianco (The Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Tom and Jerry in New York) and Jeffery Spencer (Secret Magic Control Agency) are writers.

“The incredible team behind this film have brought this modern fairytale to life through its dynamic characters, and we are delighted to share it with potential buyers next month at AFM,” shared Carmel. “Inspired by aspects of some of the most popular fairytales, Rebellious has so much to offer, including a brave princess and a whole lot of action!”

“We are so excited to share this special project for the first time at AFM,” added Magic Frame Animation Head of Sales and Co-Productions, Lidia Chirita. “This story and its unique characters from a range of cultural backgrounds stand out from other fairytales. Rebellious is all about empowerment, with the princess at the center of the action! We look forward to sharing this story with audiences and potential partners next month.”

Source: Magic Frame Animation

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