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MAGIC CAMERA lends their magic to James Bond

Shepperton, England-based The Magic Camera Company has produced 92 digitaleffect shots for the 19th James Bond film, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. One ofthe effects sequences done by Magic involves Bond (Pierce Brosnan) andChristmas (Denise Richards) hurtling through miles of unused oil pipelineon board a service Rpig' (a trolley-like vehicle used to safety check theinside of the pipeline) while chasing another one. Shooting the tunnel as aminiature was not a viable option, so Magic Camera was given the task ofcreating the interior of the pipeline as both complete CG shots and CGbackgrounds for the live-action footage. Other shots created by MagicCamera involved animating flying paraskis for a mountain ski chasesequence. The paraskis (flying skidoos) were shot for real on location inChamonix, France, but for the over-the-shoulder shots of the craft chasingBond and Electra, clean plates of the actors were filmed. A real paraski,complete with piolet, was then cyberscanned by Viewpoint and the datasupplied to Magic Camera, where the model was further refined. The CGparaskis and piolets were then animated in 3D using Lightwave, adding CGparachutes and reflections before being tracked into the live-actionplates. Digital Effects Supervisor at Magic Camera was Angus Cameron andDigital Effects Producer was Angie Wills. Supervising 3D animator was GaryCoulter and lead 3D animators were Royston Wilcox, Iain Anderson andCaroline Garret. 2D animators were Robin Huffer, Helen Ball, RichardLittle, Ed Plant, Sean Danischevsky and Chris Harding.