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Made-for-Internet movie comes to television

Kaleidoscope Media Group has entered a deal with Brilliant Digital Entertainment to distribute Gravity Angels, (viewable at the Internets first full-length 3D computer animated movie. The two-hour sci-fi thriller, which will be offered at NATPE for domestic and international broadcast and home video rights, uses Brilliants proprietary production technology. Brilliants president Kevin Bermeister explains, Our tools allow us to create scalable animation in one production process. This means we can produce for the Internet and CD-ROM and then scale-up the output resolution for direct-to-video, DVD and broadcast platforms...we can reach all of these end markets for less than it typically costs to produce one half-hour of traditional cel animation for broadcast. Additionally, Brilliants Multipath Movies technologies create an interactive experience where each story has multiple-user influenced plot alternatives that lead to a variety of conclusions. Harry Siegel, Kaleidoscope Medias CEO, commented on the Multipath innovation, The capability is particularly exciting for the television syndication market because each episode can have a number of different versions, increasing its shelf life and value in the re-run market. In addition, Kaleidoscope is also offering Micronauts, a joint-venture with Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, based on the Marvel comic book series.