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MAD TV Gets More Animated on FOX

The FOX late night sketch/comedy television show, MAD TV, which airs on Saturdays at 11:00 pm ET/PT & 10:00 pm CT, is adding weekly animation sketches from writer Toby Morton and clay animator Corky Quakenbush.

Our focus this year has been to double the amount of comedy segments per episode, and animation is big part of that effort, said Dick Blasucci, exec producer of MAD TV. We were also very fortunate to have FAMILY GUY creator Seth MacFarlane as a guest on our show, and to collaborate with him on a FAMILY GUY parody, which airs Saturday, Nov. 11.

SOUTH PARK writer Morton joins the MAD TV writer staff and has created the animated WEEKLY KIDS NEWS WITH TOBY, which covers controversial news events from the eyes of a child everything from Mel Gibsons DUI arrest, to the war of words between the Pope and the radical Muslims, to the ongoing stem cell controversy.

Quakenbush, who has contributed some hilariously gory interstitials to MAD TV in the past, will produce this. He is a director/producer/writer specializing in comedy and stop-motion animation, done through his company, Space Bass Films. His award-winning work has appeared on numerous broadcast and cable networks and film festivals worldwide.

From 2001-2005, Morton performed voices and wrote for the television show, SOUTH PARK. In the fall of 2005, the writing team won an Emmy Award for the episode, Best Friends Forever.

Quakenbush is developing several feature and television projects from his original scripts, including a family film with Toy Story producer Ralph Guggenheim. He is also working on a primetime animated show in partnership with Apostle Pictures and Sony Pictures Television. Quakenbush has created more than a dozen new shorts for MAD TV's 12th season. He is also producing shorts for several web and mobile-based entities.

His television directing and producing and development credits include shows and/or segments on NBC, ABC, FOX, The WB, HBO, Disney, MTV, Cinemax, Oxygen, TBS, Discovery, Playboy Channel, and PBS. He won an Emmy award for cinematography on the documentary, A RIVER IN DISGUISE. His still photography has been published nationally, including in AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER.

His Space Bass Films recently produced and directed a segment for ABCs GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW; co-produced and co-directed the pilot for the WB series, DREW CAREY GREEN SCREEN SHOW; he created the music video for Denis Learys song "Merry F#$%ing Christmas" on Comedy Central; plus an NBC MINUTE MOVIE through John Wells Prods. He created an animated film-within-the film for Martin Shorts 2005 feature, LALAWOOD. He created BEHIND THE KISS, an hour-animated special for the Oxygen Channel, and a series pilot for VH-1, Players Paradise.

MAD TV premiered in 1995 and has become famous for its sharp parodies of film, television and music. MAD TV has received numerous awards over the past 11 seasons, including multiple Emmy awards and three WGA nominations for a Comedy/Variety series.

MAD TV airs Saturday nights on FOX. It can also be seen on six days a week on Comedy Central.