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Macromedia Launches Flash Developer Community Site

Macromedia, Inc. has launched Macromedia Exchange for Flash, a Web destination dedicated to Flash developers. allows Flash users to share Flash 5 extensions such as Smart Clips, ActionScript samples, Macromedia Generator templates and source files. Free extensions on the Exchange range from ready-made interactivity building blocks to sophisticated server-side technologies. New button libraries and Smart Clips for HTML-style user interface widgets like scrolling text windows, tool tips, tabbing between fields -- make it easier for developers to create their products. ActionScript samples help find solutions to difficult animations. A new open-source Java-based server takes advantage of XML sockets in Macromedia Flash 5 for exchange of structured data. "The users of Macromedia Flash have produced a phenomenal community," said Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products. "The Macromedia Exchange for Flash adds the ability to easily share technology across the entire ecosystem, making content development more efficient and making it easier to create the best user experiences." The Macromedia Extension Manager is the key utility that allows sharing and installing of extensions and is available as a free download from the new site. Once installed, the Extension Manager is accessible directly from within the Macromedia Flash 5 software. "The Macromedia Exchange for Flash makes standardizing our development process across platforms and locations as simple as placing the file on our servers," said Mike Jones, Flash/Generator specialist at Quidnunc. "With the Extension Manager, you just double click and it's installed."

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