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Macho Man Savage Wrestles His Way into Webtoon College University

Mike and Andy Parker will be premiering the first episode of the second season of their Webtoon COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, which will guest star pro-wrestling legend Macho Man Randy Savage. The pop culture spoof follows the misadventures of two college friends attending College University, the first university to allow the attendance of humans and primates. The series is animated solely by Mike Parker using Flash and MX.

Savage is now promoting his new hip-hop album, BE A MAN. He has appeared in the feature film SPIDER-MAN and will be voicing a character in DISNEY'S TARZAN 2, scheduled for release in 2005.

COLLEGE UNIVERSITY ( is an independent Website created by the Parker Brothers as a way to show off their writing skills. Based out of Stamford, Connecticut, the site has received 300,000 hits since the summer with more than 1,800 registered members.

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