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m4e Bringing ‘Jinnrise’ Comic Series to Television

CG-animated comedy action-adventure series target boys and girls ages 7-12 is based on the hit comic series by Sohaib Awan and co-produced with Jabal Entertainment.

HÖHENKIRCHEN/MUNICH, GERMANY –  Increasing another piece of its brand portfolio, the German brand management and media company m4e AG, will take on the comic adaptation Jinnrise.

The new 3D CGI-animated series will be based on the hit comic series Jinnrise by Sohaib Awan and co-produced with Jabal Entertainment LLC. m4e will then handle worldwide distribution and licensing & merchandising rights.

The state-of-the-art CGI animated comedy action-adventure series will target boys and girls, aged 7-12 years. 

The story of Jinnrise follows 10-year-old Yunus and his best pal, a boisterous Jinn (“genie”) hero named Jabal, on their adventures around the globe. They are joined by international student and slacker Andrew, martial arts prodigy Haya, and conspiracy theorist and scientist Harris (who is much more than he appears to be). Together they embark on a worldwide quest to release other Jinn leaders, each with their own distinct superpowers, in order to combat alien conquerors known as the Kibrani. With modern science/technology incapable of stopping them, the supernatural Jinn must rise again to save the Earth, proving that trust, inner strength, and a sense of humor overcome these incredible odds.

Source: m4e