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The Loveable Aardvark ‘Arthur’ Gets Canceled After 25 Seasons

Say it isn’t so! A generation of viewers mourn the confirmed end of production on the iconic PBS animated series.

Arthur, the 2D animated series about a loveable aardvark that has aired 249 episodes over 25 seasons, will air its last new episodes in 2022. According to CNBC, the PBS mainstay has long been rumored to be hitting a wall, and much to the sadness of fans of all ages, it’s true. 

Yesterday, in a statement to Variety, executive producer Carol Greenwald confirmed the show would be ending in 2022, noting, “Arthur is the longest-running kids animated series in history and is known for teaching kindness, empathy and inclusion through many groundbreaking moments to generations of viewers. In the winter of 2022, the 25th and final season of Arthur will debut.” 

The animated educational children’s television series, developed by Kathy Waugh and produced by WGBH, first aired in 1996. Set in the fictional American city of Elwood City, the series revolves around the lives of 8-year-old Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, his friends and family, and their daily interactions with each other. The show features characters from different cultures, classes and family backgrounds and has dealt with important issues families face including asthma, dyslexia, cancer, diabetes, and autism spectrum disorder.

Cancelation rumors first floated earlier this month after Waugh mentioned on the “Finding D.W.” podcast that the show had ceased production, with the last episode having been completed two years prior.

The series was based on the “Arthur Adventure” book series, written, and illustrated by Marc Brown. It is the longest-running children's animated series in the U.S.