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‘Love Games,’ ‘The Labyrinth’ Top 2014 HAFF Awards

Winners at the 17th edition of the Holland Animation Film Festival include Love Games by Yumi Joung, Le Labyrinthe (The Labyrinth) by Mathieu Labaye, and The Fake by Sangho Yeon.

On Sunday afternoon, March 23, 2014, the festive Award Ceremony took place at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht. Winners at the 17th edition of the festival included Love Games by Yumi Joung (South Korea, 2013), Le Labyrinthe (The Labyrinth) by Mathieu Labaye (Belgium, 2013), and The Fake by Sangho Yeon (South Korea, 2013). Wind by Robert Löbel (Germany, 2013) won the Grand Prix prize for a European student film, while Mute by Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands, 2013) received the Grand Prix prize for Dutch animation.

The full list of winners is shown below:

Winner Grand Prix Short Narrative
Love Games (South Korea, Culture Platform, 2013)
Yumi Joung won the Grand Prix shorts in the narrative category with Love Games, featuring playful explorations by a couple in love on a picnic with contours and attractively elaborated details in black-and-white.

From the jury report: “With simple but sensitive drawings this film provokes the imagination and tells us a profound perspective towards the relationship between a man and a woman.”

Winner Grand Prix Short Non-Narrative
Le Labyrinthe / The Labyrinth (Belgium, Camera-etc, 2013)
Mathieu Labaye received the Grand Prix shorts in the category non-narrative with his film Le Labyrinthe (The Labyrinth). The film depicts the struggle of an inmate with daily life in prison, the lack of moving space and privacy, the social isolation and sexual suppression.

From the jury report: “This film explores the boundaries of humanity and by doing this, proves the big potential of animation as an art form.”

Special Mention Short Narrative
The Obvious Child by Stephen Irwin (United Kingdom, 2013)

Winner Grand Prix Feature Film
The Fake (South Korea, Studio Dadashow, 2013)
Sangho Yeon won the Grand Prix feature film with his film The Fake. Devastating criticism on organized religion. The hypocritical ministry swindles devout villagers out of their money. An outcast sets out to get even.

From the jury report: “Multi-layered film with detailed attention for storytelling and graphics gives a deep insight in the complex and incomprehensible nature of mankind.”

Special Mentions Feature Film
Cheatin' by Bill Plympton (USA, Bill Plympton Studio, 2013)
The Pain and the Pity by Philip Mulloy (United Kingdom, Spectre Design Ltd, 2013)

Winner Grand Prix European Student Film
Wind (Germany, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, 2013
Robert Löbel received the Grand Prix European student film for his film Wind. About the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. The wind creates a natural system for living.

From the jury report: “A strong and simple concept, efficient storytelling and unique style of design.”

Honorable Mention European Student Film:
Wile E. by Christopher Holloran (Netherlands, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, 2012)

Winner Grand Prix For Dutch Animation
Mute (Netherlands, Job, Joris & Marieke, 2013)
Job, Joris & Marieke won the Grand Prix for Dutch animation with their film Mute. In a world populated by people without a mouth, a gory accident leads to a surprising discovery.

From the jury report: “A story that could only be told through animation, a great combination of music and images.”

HAFF Audience Award Dutch animation
Mute by Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands, Job, Joris & Marieke, 2013)

HAFF Junior Audience Award in cooperation with Eye
The Smortlybacks by Ted Sieger and Wouter Dierickx (Switserland/China, Sophie Animation, 2013)

MovieZone HAFF Award in cooperation with Eye
I Love Hooligans by Jan-Dirk Bouw (Netherlands/Belgium Seriousfilm, 2013)

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Source: Holland Animation Film Festival

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