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Lost 1993 Americanized ‘Sailor Moon’ Pilot Surfaces

Watch and enjoy the previously unseen material, a mix of animation and live-action footage, recently revealed in the docuseries ‘Tales of the Lost’ by Youtuber Ray Mona.

Footage of an unaired, Americanized Sailor Moon from 1993 by Toon Makers has been unearthed by the Youtuber Ray Mona. The episode, sought after by fans for decades and, more recently, Kotaku reporter Cecilia D’Anastasio, mixes live-action with animation, and was created before the anime Sailor Moon aired in the U.S. in 1995.

According to D’Anastasio, the “pilot - the only episode ever made - vanished into thin air, its remains scattered across the internet like animated ashes. Fans have labored to piece together the show’s history on Geocities-style websites with infinite-scroll Sailor Moon fan art and labyrinthine lost-media wikis. For over two decades, they’ve searched for its only episode with no success.” It seemed the episode was doomed to remain unseen, steeped in mystery, and fade quietly into myth.

Mona could not let that stand. In their recently released docuseries Tales of the Lost, the unseen episode is explored in The Western World of Sailor Moon (Part 1) and finally revealed in Finding Saban Moon: the Western World of Sailor Moon (Part 2). The episode was recovered from The Library of Congress archives with approval from Bandai America president Frank Ward.

Watch the American Sailor Moon pilot now:

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