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A Look Back at Danish Animated Kids’ Series ‘John Dillermand’

Just discovered hilarious 2021 ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ segment spotlights the controversial public broadcaster DRTV’s stop-motion show that follows the eponymous middle-aged man with a prehensile penis that can extend several meters long.

Filed under the category of “Better Late Than Never...” There is a fine line between adult and children’s animation. However, in Denmark, the “line” is a cartoonishly long schlong that belongs to the eponymous John Dillerman. In an event completely unaccounted for and overlooked on our ‘Animation Shocker’ bingo card, we have discovered that a Danish stop-motion children’s cartoon about a man with a long and heroic ‘member’ successfully aired to over 250,000 kids.

John Dillermand (with “diller” translating to “penis” in Danish slang) follows the middle-aged man with a prehensile penis that can extend several meters long. The series first aired on DRTV with a 20-episode season in 2021 – a second season of 19 episodes was released in 2022.

The program, aimed at four to eight-year-olds and developed with a team of child psychologists, premiered to understandably mixed reviews in Europe. However, Danish public broadcaster DR stood firm, stating “The program series is about daring to stand by oneself and one's mistakes, and about wanting the good - even though it is often the pleasure-driven, naughty and forbidden that is much more tempting.” 

Outside of Europe, the show was also heavily criticized, with some claiming it pandered to pedophiles, or made light of the #MeToo movement. However, Denmark is known for its own unique cultural perspective on appropriate children’s themes. Other questionable series include Onkel Rejes Heavyband, which follows a pipe-smoking pirate who fights ninjas and joins a Satanic cult; Ultra Strips Down, which features 11 to 13-year-olds asking questions to adults who are actively undressing; and Mr. Calzone, a singing pizza from your nightmares.

Check out the amazing feats of Mr. Dillermand’s diller in an extremely funny 2021 clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - as only John Oliver can present...

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