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‘Loki’ Series Coming 2 Days Early

The mischievous horned God’s Disney+ series will now premiere Wednesday June 9, moving back from June 11, avoiding competition with subsequent Friday ‘The Bad Batch’ releases as well as ‘Black Widow’s July 9 launch.

The Trickster strikes again! The premiere for Disney+’s highly anticipated Marvel Studios’ series, Loki, has moved up from June 11 to June 9. The horned god himself Tom Hiddleston recently announced the mischievous news on a short video shared by the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

Watch the “incredibly heroic” and charming Brit announce the new premiere date for Loki now:

According to Hiddleston, “I’ve noticed that in these long superhero montages, Loki tends to get a bit left out, even though arguably he’s incredibly heroic himself — cunning, charming, I could go on. But maybe… why don’t I just prove it to you. Wednesdays are the new Fridays.”

For those wondering about the seemingly insignificant switch, the new plan for weekly Wednesday episodes is most likely strategic. The Bad Batch is moving to Fridays, with a confirmed 16 episodes. Additionally, Black Widow premieres Friday July 9, meaning Loki would conflict with two other popular IPs. Wednesday releases means no foreseeable competition. No complaints here. Two days is two days.

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