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LOBO Toys Around with New Mango Frooti Campaign

Bollywood stars Allu Arjun, Varun Dhawan, and Alia Bhatt share top billing with some animated toy-like miniatures in new series of light-hearted commercials out of &Walsh.


In NYC-based studio LOBO’s new Mango Frooti spots, the popular Indian mango drink steals the spotlight (and sunlight) from top Bollywood stars Allu Arjun, Varun Dhawan, and Alia Bhatt. In the lighthearted campaign out of the &Walsh agency, LOBO animated some toylike miniatures who help share the Frooti with humorous cartoon antics.

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Fresh Pressed:

Wagon (Allu Arjun):

Wagon (Varun Dhawan):

Waiting (Allu Arjun):

According to LOBO’s Aron Aguiar, who directed the animation with Mateus de Paula Santos, "It was a fun process overall. We got to pitch for the project in early December 2019, and the shoot was planned for early January 2020. Due to the celebrities' super busy schedules, that date was set in stone. The pitch involved developing the scripts and characters. Fortunately, Parle's Frooti brand and &Walsh loved our ideas.”

However, LOBO didn’t get project approval until late December, which greatly compressed their production schedule. “We had absolutely no time to plan the shoot according to our CG needs to integrate the celebs with our CG background,” Aguiar explains. “We adjusted the scripts and storyboards so we could shoot against greenscreen, knowing the CG would need to be adaptable to the footage. All three celebs were a pleasure to work with and they all used their imagination splendidly, creating in their mind's eye the world and the miniature characters they interact with. Allu Arjun had the most suggestions regarding acting and ideas for the scripts - which were more than welcomed - and so his versions had a special touch.”  

Though the spots were finished in three months, due to the pandemic, they weren’t released until this spring. “It's a pleasure for us and the crew to finally see them out in the world,” Aguiar concludes.


Agency: &Walsh

Agency Producer: Prue Linehan
Agency Executive Account: Jessica Walsh

Animation: LOBO

Directors: Mateus de Paula Santos / Aron Matschulat Aguiar
Executive Producer: Luis Ribeiro
Head of Production: Clara Morelli
Post-Production Supervision: Rosângela Gomes / Cristiane Santos
Producer: Marcelo Barbosa
Storyboard artist: Bruno Henrique da Costa
Concepts: Ina Carolina / Daniel Linard / Alexandre Eschenbach
Post-Production Producer: Marcelo Barbosa
Editor: Pedro Falcone
CG Supervisor: Marisa Ditleff / Marcel Fukuwara
Modeling: Lucas Lira / Natan Zuanaci / Bruno Saber / Rodrigo Reis
Rigging Supervisor: Leo Cadaval
Rigging: Leo Cadaval / Felipe Gimenes / Fabio Castello / Henrique Ribeiro
Animation Supervisor: Marcio Nicolosi
Animation: Raphael Vinícius / Jorge Zagatto / Janaína Bonacelli / José Alexandre
Simulation: Luiz Duarte / Alexandre Yamamoto
Lighting & Render: Bruno Macedo / Patricia Lobo Neto
Color Grading: Letícia Blanco
Composition: José Eduardo Ambrósio / Diogo Girondi / Juan Marcello Panzera
Rotoscopy: Rodrigo Vec / Gassan Abdouni / Diego Ruiz
After Effects: Estevão Santos

Source: LOBO

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