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The Living Tombstone’s Blistering ‘Chosen’ CG Music Video

Produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, creative studio The-Artery uses remotely produced motion capture to show the anonymous band emerge from stasis and blast onstage for an all CG neon-flooded performance.

Multi-award-winning creative studio, The-Artery, has just shared with AWN their blistering new, fully CG music video, “Chosen,” for YouTube sensation, electronic rock band The Living Tombstone, as part of their upcoming zero_one album.

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic using remote motion-capture production, the animated video showcases the band’s five anonymous members, revealing glimpses of each musician’s backstory in a flood of neon CG visuals.

Directed by Uri Schutzer, “Chosen” introduces the band breaking out of stasis tubes before touching on their mysterious past lives. The action moves onto a next-level laboratory and police chase on hovering vehicles, culminating in an epic stage performance driven by emotional lyrics, powerful vocals, and an array of colorful lights.

The short is produced entirely in CG driven by motion-capture performances, with all creative teams working safely and remotely. “I fell in love with the concept immediately and I knew, from the start, that CG was the perfect and only way to get the imagery right,” Vico Sharabani, The-Artery founder and executive creative director, explains. “It was also an opportunity to continue to lift our remote pipeline towards an exciting direction as well as a big step for our capabilities into virtual talent creation and virtual production improvements. We’re just as much technologists as we are artists. The motion-capture elements were designed and carried out right from our own homes.”

Tools used included 3ds max, Houdini, C4D, Z-brush, Kinect, Redshift, Octane, Flame, and Adobe Illustrator.

“I wanted to create a high-end narrative in the vein of those trailers for superhero movies,” Schutzer adds. “My first call was to Vico whose team had the necessary talent and resources to fulfill this ambitious vision. The result is breathtaking. Whenever I share the final render to my colleagues, no one believes me when I reveal that it isn’t real people filmed in costumes.”

According to The Living Tombstone, “We had a vision of this grand sci-fi video but had abandoned hope of getting it thanks to coronavirus' effect on production. When The-Artery delivered their incredible imaginative visuals, we were absolutely blown away. From the seamless environments to the body movement of the band members, it was everything we wanted it to be.”

Represented by Warner Music Group, The Living Tombstone boasts over 1.2 billion views and 4 million subscribers on YouTube. The band’s most notable works range from the viral Five Nights at Freddy’s series to the Party with Pinkie (Remix) dedicated to the character, Pinky Pie, of the cult animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


Production Company: The-Artery
Director: Uri Schutzer
ECD: Vico Sharabani
EP: Deborah Sullivan
CG Supervisors: Joe Grundfast, Dave Stewart
Editor: Vico Sharabani
Storyboard: David Zung
Motion Capture: Joe Grundfast
C4D: Grace Casas
Flame Artists: Vico Sharabani, Aarif Attarwala, Asaf Yeger
Title Design: Jesse Johanning
Producer: Ruben Gloria
Production Coordinator: Thurman Martin
Color Grading: Vico Sharabani

Source: The-Artery

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