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Live-Action ‘Knuckle Girl’ Webtoon Adaptation Coming to Prime Video

The new film, directed by Chang (‘The Target’), stars Japanese actress Miyoshi Iyaka as Ran, a boxer who must break into the underworld to save her sister; debuts on streamer November 2.

An original live-action feature adaptation of the popular Korean webtoon Knuckle Girl is heading to Prime Video. Korean director Chang (The Target) directs from a script by Yoo Gap-yeol (Emergency Declaration) and Jeong Byeong-sik (The Villain).

In the webtoon (a digital, vertically scrolling comic) boxer Ran takes down school bullies while also engaging in illegal fighting matches. However, when her sister is kidnapped, Ran must break into the underworld donning some kickass brass knuckledusters.

The upcoming adaptation will star Japanese actress Miyoshi Iyaka (Confession, Alice in Borderland), who reportedly trained six months for the role.

“This is a global project involving a writer, Japanese actors, and a global OTT, and the thrilling story, sensuous directing, and passionate performances of the actors will allow you to experience a wealth of fun that is different from webtoons,” said Chang to Variety.

Knuckle Girl was created by Jeong Sang Young and published in 2014 on the webtoon platform KakaoPage, then later released on the Japanese cartoon site Piccoma. Kakao Entertainment’s Kross Pictures produces the adaptation.

“This is the first live-action adaptation of an original webcomic and our first Japanese-Korean collaboration,” said an Amazon Studios spokesman.

Knuckle Girl hits Prime Video on November 2.

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