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Live Action Backgrounds Set Scene For Puppet Feature

In August, Germany-based director Heinrich Sabl will start production of MEMORY HOTEL, which will feature puppets animated against live-action backgrounds. The main difficulty in filming the feature is that the filmmakers only have seven seconds to set up the new frame before it needs to be shot. This short time frame to adjust the puppets into their new position is due to continuity of the live-action environment (ie clouds, grass, trees, etc). Sabl commented, "It is not so important to us to line up one single frame as perfectly as possible to the other, rather it is the story of all the characters which is important to us." The German distributor is Piffel-Medien GmbH Berlin. Andy Kaiser is the director of photography and Harald Csipai is the production designer. Currently, Rabl is searching for backers to double the budget of 700,000 DEM (US$335,177).

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