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Littleloud Release Viral Campaign to Promote Transformers Sequel

Press Release from Littleloud

Littleloud have produced a suite of eight comical viral videos and an online shoot 'em up game to promote the release of Paramount's latest theatrical release TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.

In the viral shorts a range of household appliances audition for a role in the film as one of the Decepticons, in the misguided belief that they have what it takes to defeat the Transformers. The 3D appliances are full of zest, trying as best as they can to impress the off-screen casting exec.

A disillusioned teenage game controller, ditsy Sat Nav and woeful washing machine pathetically try out for the role of a Decepticon robot. After showcasing their special moves we see the real Decepticon robots in action and realize they might not quite fit the bill.

Created in Autodesk 3DS MAX, the slick animated appliances move in an anamorphic way. Integrated with live action clips from the movie, the casting tapes give a teaser of the much anticipated sequel and help to drive fans to the website.

View the videos here:

In addition to the viral movies, the Starscream Showdown game reinforces the Transformers brand position at the cutting edge of technology. The game allows fans to engage in air combat through an onslaught of hostile Decepticons firing missiles from all directions.

The global leader board allows fans to compete for the top spot and encourages repeat play. Play the game now at: