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'Little Spirou' Secures Global Deals

Mediatoon secures new international broadcasting deals for “Little Spirou.”

Paris-based distributor Mediatoon Distribution has just secured a raft of new international broadcasting sales for the 2D animated series Little Spirou (78x 7’).

Following the adventures of the mischievous Little Spirou the series presented at the last MIPCOM, has been acquired by NOGA (Israël), TG4 (Ireland), TV CATALUNYA and TV GALICIA (Spain) as well as TELEQUEBEC (French-speaking Canada).

In Canadian territory, KAIBOU is the DVD publication company that has also acquired the rights for this debut season in order to enrich their kids’ content catalogue.

These recent sales add to the broadcasters that have previously partnered with Little Spirou: M6, TELETOON (France), RTBF (Belgium), RTS (Switzerland) and NICKELODEON ASIA.In 2013, the Spirou brand (rights managed by Mediatoon) will be celebrating its 75th anniversary with a marathon of events in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. It includes the Spirou Tour across 10 cities, exhibitions, as well as the launch of brand new comic books. Two other TV animated series have already been released by the Spirou brand: Spirou(52x26’) and Spirou & Fantasio (39x26’), sold in over 120 countries.

Source: Mediatoon Distribution