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A little Peep from Will Vinton

Portland, Oregon-based WILL VINTON STUDIOS (WVS) has completed a CG-spot for Griffin Bacal's client, Just Born, featuring "Marshmallow Peeps." The 15-second spot, "Peeps Choir," which began airing on March 8, is the first-ever television commercial for the 76-year-old company headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The commercial features marshmallow chicks and bunnies performing in a musical revue to a reworked version of "Rockin' Robin." "The challenge give each Peep its very own, special personality..." commented Jill Bazos, Griffin Bacal group account director. "And in addition to their personalities, each Peep had to look beautiful, delicious and realistic." The spot was directed by Gayle Ayers, produced by Rachel Walchak (WVS) and Matt Hill (Griffin Bacal), and exec produced by Sharon Esposito. Animators were Allan Steele, Dyche Alsaker and Tom Sorem; technical directors were Clay Connelly, TJ Nabors and Jim Hardison.