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Little Airplane, m4e Developing ‘Rock! Taco! Balloon!’ Series

New preschool animation series from m4e AG and Josh Selig’s award-winning Little Airplane Productions makes its very first market appearance at MIPCOM in Cannes.

Two independent animation producers with a proven track record of marketable properties are joining powers in order to produce a brand new preschool animation series called Rock! Taco! Balloon!. The German brand management and media company, m4e AG and Josh Selig’s award-winning Little Airplane Productions are currently developing the TV series whose first season will be comprised of 52 x 11 minute episodes. The stories of the series are simple, comedic adventures told with almost non-stop visual gags. The series will make its very first market appearance at project stage at MIPCOM in Cannes.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with our dear friends at m4e on Rock! Taco! Balloon!” Selig says. “This is the funniest and most original show we’ve ever created at Little Airplane and we’re very excited to introduce it to the industry at MIPCOM.”

Rock! Taco! Balloon! is created as an irreverent preschool comedy about three unlikely friends who go on ridiculous, playful adventures. At the heart of this show is the deep, abiding friendship between Rock, Taco and Balloon. Despite all of their silliness, these three lovable characters share a profound and innocent wisdom. The curriculum for Rock! Taco! Balloon! will foster optimism in preschoolers -- the core target group -- including three primary goals to support its objective: Maintaining a positive perspective, developing friendships, and cultivating a sense of humor. The series’ intended upbeat and optimistic tone will permeate each episode’s adventure, as the characters playfully engage with relevant information (and each other!) around topics related to the central narrative.

Source: m4e AG