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Lionsgate Brings Speed Racer, Marvel To NATPE

Lionsgate is set to bring a diverse slate of programming that includes drama, comedy, reality and animated series, motion pictures and Marvel-animated features, to the 2009 NATPE Market & Conference.

Animated television series SPEED RACER: THE NEXT GENERATION centers on the sons of the legendary Speed Racer, Speed and X, as they uncover the conspiracy against their family and the mysterious disappearance of their father while studying at an elite racing academy for the fastest kids on the planet.

Rounding out Lionsgate's NATPE portfolio are eight Marvel animated features, including ULTIMATE AVENGERS, ULTIMATE AVENGERS II, THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, DOCTOR STRANGE, THE NEXT AVENGERS: HEROES OF TOMORROW, the HULK VS. double feature ("Hulk Vs. Wolverine," "Hulk Vs. Thor"), THOR SON OF ASGARD and PLANET HULK.